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We’ve been waiting patiently…and here we go!  The Convention Brochure for the 2013 G.I. Joe Convention is now online!  And with the announcement of the Brochure, we now know some of the characters in the G.I. Joe “Nocturnal Fire” Convention Set.

And…  oh wow.  Ohhhh boy.  This is…  yeah.  I’m smiling right now.  Check out the snippet from the brochure below:

Nocturnal Fire

G.I. JOE: Night Force is a covert unit specializing in nighttime
surveillance and defensive operations. Each team member has
been selected for their enhanced skills, sophisticated hardware
and advanced technology to surprise and vanquish any enemy!

This fan favorite and highly requested team contains several
of the classic Night Force members and some new additions
available for the first time in the modern era 25A style.

Our special edition Nocturnal Fire squad includes: Charbroil, Hit
& Run, Muskrat, Psyche-Out, Repeater and Spearhead with Max
(NEW Bobcat).

The Cobra Demolitions Team is ready to take on any obstacle
that gets in their path of destruction. Led by the mysterious Cobra
Mortal, he employs Cobra Letal and the deadly saboteur Crimson
Asp (NEW female character). Their specialized troopers include:
Cobra Frag-Vipers x 3, Cobra S.A.W.-Vipers x 3.”

Did everyone see that?  Did they see that?!?  HIT & RUN!!!  Woo hoo!!!!  By and large, I love what the Club does figure-design wise, and they’re doing my favorite G.I. Joe figure ever?  Sign me UP and let the speculation begin…  could this possibly be the Concept Case 30th Anniversary Hit & Run we were all drooling over last year?  Or was all of that drool mine?

Repeater??  Psyche Out!?  Muskrat and Charbroil?  Awwww, hell yeah…  these are all awesome characters, and yeah, while I’m sure many fans are hoping to get them in “normal” uniforms eventually, most of them look pretty boss in their Night Force togs as well.  Good stuff.  Not to mention a brand new Crimson ASP female character, Frag-Vipers AND SAW Vipers!?  Cobra Letal is the logical choice to lead the Frag-Viper team as well.  As for Cobra Mortal, interesting choice.  Let’s see how they pretty him up for the modern era.

Hit up to keep up with the latest intel and the Convention Brochure with full details can be found right here.

I’m gonna be smiling for the next 2 months.  Bring on April!