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We were this close.  THIS close to finally getting some new G.I. Joe product in 2012, but according to an email from the G.I. Joe Collectors Club, it’s looking like the first installment of the Figure Subscription Service may not reach subscribers until shortly after the Christmas holiday.

Apparently there is a dock strike which is impacting the quickness of product being distributed.  The full context of the e-mail is below:

“Hello everyone,

Our latest update is not a happy one.  Many of you may not be aware that there is a labor strike going on by the west coast ports clerical workers.  This is now going to impact our delivery of the first FSS set.  Currently they have been striking a week, and this is the latest from our shipper:

ILWU OCU Local 63 Update – Ports of Los Angeles / Long Beach

As of this morning it is expected that the first shift in the LA / LGB will continue to picket the terminals affected by the strike.  Talks between the two sides ended Saturday night at 10PM PST without a resolution.  Talks resumed yesterday at 10am PST and are ongoing around the clock.  Presiding the talks are local mediators and Los Angeles Mayor Villaigosa.  The offer submitted by the HEA (Harbor Employer Association) is still being reviewed and is offering the 600 clerical workers a compensation package of USD 190,000 – USD 35,000 more than the present package.


It is our understanding that this strike is costing the country over a billion dollars in lost revenue each day.  I suggest that you contact your senators and congressman and ask them to do something as this could really impact everyone’s Christmas, not just our shipment.

Originally our ship was scheduled to dock on Sunday, Dec 2, they have slowed down and are scheduled for tomorrow Wednesday, December 5 but….even if they get to dock, there is now a week’s backlog on the docks that is not moving so, the likelihood that we will even receive the shipment by Christmas is slim.

Our plan is to turn the shipment and get it out to you as soon as we receive it.  This should NOT impact future FSS shipments as even if we have to ship two sets in January, we are not planning on changing the timing of the future shipments.  It may be that the first two come really close together.

I will keep you updated as we get information from our shipper.

Thanks for your patience,


Fingers crossed that these start distribution as quickly after Christmas as possible…I’m glad they’re hoping to make up for it with two potential shipments in January.  Gotsta get my hands on these.

Thanks to the GIJoe Collectors Club for the info.