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A project that has been listed on Amazon for a while, but with a release date that sort of kept jumping around has been volume 1 of the G.I. Joe: The Complete Collection hardcover series by IDW.  The goal of the series is to reprint every page of every comic from the Marvel era of G.I. Joe…and yes, this includes (for the first time in trade paperback form) the fantastic “Hot Potato” backup story from issue #1 as well as all of the pin ups and dossiers from those issues, too!

Volume 1 contains issues #1 – 12 which collect the absolute essential foundation of the Marvel G.I. Joe universe as we know it.  Dr. Venom, Snake Eyes, Kwinn, the Brainwave Scanner, Billy…it all started right here.

Amazon has this initial volume in stock now at a very reasonable price…and you can rest assured, with these titles being assembled by none other than G.I. Joe uber-fan Mark Bellomo, there is great care and consideration going into them.  Hit up the banner below to buy this title and start your “complete collection” of the Marvel G.I. Joe universe!