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I will preface this by saying that coverage will be here and there tonight as I’m still out of town for business, and will be departing for a business event soon.  However, I’ll be combing the internetz and gathering together any related G.I. Joe news that comes out of Preview night for the New York ComicCon tonight. has already started posting images from new Transformers reveals at preview night, so the event is officially underway and hopefully we’ll get some Joe intel soon.  I’m sure Kre-O will be a big focus, but I’m crossing my fingers for perhaps some action figure news for 2013 as well.

I do know Jay from Toy News International is in attendance, and The Terror Drome has someone there as well, so keep eyes out, and I’ll be back throughout the night to give my thoughts on tonight’s events.  Wish I was there…

…wait a minute.  I’m in Las Vegas.  Never mind, I’m good.