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Turns out the new creative team and new launch of the main G.I. Joe title isn’t the only big shift in 2013…thanks to skinny on Twitter and we have some more intel about the G.I. Joe run of books from IDW next year.

Details straight from Comics Beat are as follows:

“Starting in February, GI Joe will be relaunched, with:
– GI Joe by Fred van Lenten and Steve Kirghiz
– Secret Missions by Chuck Dixon and Paul Gulacy (March)
– The Cobra Files by Mike Costa and Antonio Fuso (April)

Fred van Lente said his book would focus on a core team, including Duke, Cover Girl, Roadblock, Shipwreck, and Tunnel Rat, and that the Joe-Cobra war would be “very public” and “pretty hardcore.” Van Lente and Comic Book History of Comics collaborator Ryan Dunlavey will be doing GI Joe History variant covers.”

So by the looks of it, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow are going away, making room for a somewhat more all encompassing “Secret Missions” which Chuck Dixon will continue to write.  Cobra is morphing into “The Cobra Files”, but with the same creative team, I fully expect the greatness there to continue.

Just to satisfy anyone’s fears about a reboot, too, I contacted the new writer of G.I. Joe, Fred Van Lente, and was assured by him that G.I. Joe is not rebooting:

EDIT– According to Bleeding Cool, the title is “Special Missions” for the second G.I. Joe book.  That one seems more likely (as an homage to the classic Marvel series).