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Okay, we’re down within the final 24 hours of the Marauder “Gun Runners” Kickstarter campaign and the good news is, Marauder has MET THE KICKSTARTER GOAL!  Woo hoo!  As of 7:45 this morning, contributions have been met to make this project happen.

Keep in mind, Marauder has plenty of stretch goals as well, and the more money that comes in, the more stuff that will be available to everyone.

As an added thank you, Marauder has also beefed up the rewards for folks contributing at the Pirate Horde or Double Horde levels.  This may provide an added incentive to bolster your contribution.  The Marauder “Gun Runners” Kickstarter page is right here, and read the details of the latest update below.

Hey Folks!

Since we might not hit some of the “stretch” goals and we really want to add “more” stuff to the packages….we are ADDING a Complete Series #6 set in “Realistic” paint scheme to the Pirate Hoard level (and 2 to the Double Hoard level) as a “thank you” for those contributing to our project (at NO addtional costs to those who have participated at those levels or will participate at those levels).  Also, will be glad to “swap” out the below painted Series #6 set for the “Realistic” painted new items (Picaroon level) or the “Desert Tan” painted new items (again, can make your selection in the after event “survey”).

Here are some painted samples (final designs may vary slightly from items shown):

Here are ALL the items NOW in the $100 Pirate Hoard level:

Thanks again for your support!