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Straight from the horse’s mouth (meant in the most flattering way, possible, of course) IDW Publishing has just announced at New York ComicCon that their flagship G.I. Joe title will be starting over at issue #1 with a new creative team in 2013.

New writer Fred Van Lente (co-writer of Cowboys and Aliens among many others) announced the change on his Twitter page.  He will be working alongside Steve Kurth, who is a familiar name to Joe fans who were around at the launch of the Devils’ Due title what seems like so many years ago.

Kurth was a tough guy to get my head around, to be honest.  He had moments of absolute greatness, but then had moments of real inconsistency…  but that was many years ago, and artists grow their skills just like anyone else, so I’ll certainly keep my hopes up.

I’m certainly very interested in what Mr. Van Lente brings to the table.  He’s got a very broad resume with some high quality work in there.  Folks who have been unhappy about Dixon’s pace and his unique mannerisms just might have something to look forward to here.

What does this mean for Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow as well as G.I. Joe: Cobra?  Not sure as of yet, but trust me, I’m looking into it.  More info as it becomes available.