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Hasbro has made it pretty clear throughout the year that they have no intention of setting up a booth at the New York Comic Con.  They seem pretty adamant that SDCC is where they want to make their convention presence known, but I think some folks were holding out hope that perhaps something would turn around and Hasbro just might show up in New York City next week.

Well, Jay from Marvelous News has reached out to Hasbro, and they confirmed that while they are doing seminars for Transformers and My Little Pony, there will not be a Hasbro booth at the show, there will be no special exclusives, and no product shown during the Convention itself.

But don’t despair yet, Joe fans.

Jay also reports (and I can confirm, as I also received notification of this) that even though Hasbro will not have a booth at NYCC, there will be an event prior to the show revealing some previously unseen product for Transformers, Kre-O, Star Wars, Marvel, and…  yes… G.I. Joe.  This event will be the evening of October 10th, which is next Wednesday.

Should we expect to see a lot of new stuff?  No, probably not, but just the fact that we might see some previously unrevealed G.I. Joe items is reason enough to celebrate and look forward to next week.

Unfortunately I will be in Las Vegas for business, so I cannot make the show myself, but I will live vicariously through Jay, and through the other sites that will likely be covering the event.  Can’t wait to see what shows up!  Check out the post on Marvelous News for a little more detail.