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I know there’s been a lull in new episodes over the past few weeks, but part of the reason for that is Gary went to Canada!  Now hear the fruit of those labors with Whats on Joe Mind coverage straight from the Canadian JoeCon!  Check it out on our Podbean page, or listen with the embedded players below.

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For the second year in a row, WOJM goes north to cover the Canadian Joe Con.  Join WOJM co-host Gary, Noted Author James Kavanaugh, Pluv John from, and the voice of the CJC Ryan aka Scramble as the report directly from the floor of the 2012 Canadian JoeCon.  Ryan reviews the set with Gary and gives insider info on their creation and background.  After the review, we go forward in time as WOJM got a chance to drop a recorder in front of the Canadian JoeCon staff to get the lowdown on the 2012 event and the future of the convention.  Before wrapping up, we go back to the sales floor with our traveling co-hosts to find out what they got and any last minute shout outs before heading back home.  If you liked what you heard, we encourage you to attend next year.  We promise it won’t be a time you forget!