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I’ve been pumping it up on Twitter, but now the results are in, and G.I. Joe fans should have a smile on their face.  In an online survey, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis reveals the #1 childhood toy, and the winner (of course) is G.I. Joe!

For those of us who have been involved in the brand this comes as no surprise, but I think it is a further statement of the indelible mark G.I. Joe as a property has left on the American consciousness.

You’re talking about a toyline that hasn’t had a successful mass market event in over 25 years, and is likely not considered by retailers as one of the focus toy brands that they carry.  Yet in spite of a lack of mass media focus or attention, G.I. Joe remains in the public eye and strikes a chord with the American people.

Kudos to Joe fans who stepped it up and voted, and awesome to hear the results!

Check out the write up on the New York Daily News website.