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In another great customer service move from a company that specializes in good customer service, Marauder “Gun Runners” has posted via their Facebook page that they are soliciting advice from their customers in planning Series 7 of their now famous weapons system.

Check out the full text of Marauder’s Facebook post after the jump, and then hit up their Facebook page to let them know what you’re looking for.

“Hey Folks!
We hope to get going on the next series soon. We have received LOTS of suggestions and below are the most requested items. To demonstrate our gratitude for your support, you will have an even larger role in the items you let us “gun-run” for you! The next series will have 10 to 12 items (the “larger” deluxe items will result in fewer overall items since they take up a larger percentage

 of resources). There are around 50 items, so this
process might take several stages to trim down the list to a more managable quantity of the most desired items (the “poll” feature on facebook only allows 10 items, so we couldn’t set up a poll for all the items). For this next release the original most often requested items, facebook feedback, final production costs and additiional collector input will go into deciding the final item selection. Here are the top candidates (NOT ranked in any particular order of popularity):

Rifles/Machine Guns 
-MP5 “type” Machine gun “Modular” (SWAT machine gun)
-UMP “type” Machine Gun “Modular” (“Tactical” machine gun)
-HK416 “type” Assault Rifle “Modular” (based on a 416 “type” item, NOT the 417 “type” item)
-ACR “type” Assault Rifle “Modular”
-M4 CQB Assault Rifle “Modular” (short barrel)
-MK46 Machine Gun “Modular” 
-Mac10 w/ removable silencer “UPDATED” 
-AK-47 Assault Rifle w/ wood stock “UPDATED”
-AK-47 “Rail System” Assault Rifle with Standard length barrel 
-Skorpion Machine Gun
-AKs74U Assault Rifle with stock “Modular” 
-Laser Rifle “Cartoon style”
-FNFAL Assault Rifle
-Galil Assault Rifle
-MP9/TP9 “type” Machine Gun “Modular”
-M14 Rifle (“classic” style with removable scope)
-M40 Sniper Rifle
-Tech9 Machine Pistol
-Socom pistol with removable silencer “UPDATED” 
-Winchester 1887 Shotgun (Shotgun used by Arnold in Terminator 2)

-RPG with REMOVABLE rockets “UPDATED” 
-Grenade “Egg” type
-Grenade “Pineapple” Type

WWII Era Weapons 
-Thompson Machine Gun (stick clip)
-PpSH Machine Gun
-MP44 / STG44 Assault Rifle
-MP42 with bipod (MG3 is modern version)
-M3 Grease Gun
-Mauser “Broom Handle” Pistol
-Bren Machine Gun
-Lewis Machine Gun

Space Sci-fi
-M41a Colonial Marines “type” Pulse Rifle “Modular & UPDATED”
-Halo “type” Assault rifle
-Blade Runner “type” pistol
-Star Trek “type” Phaser #2 (original series)
-“Laser-Swords” with removable clear colored blades
-Terminator “type” Plasma Weapon
-GOW Lancer “type” weapon
-Robocop “type” Auto 9 pistol “UPDATED” 
-Star Wars “type” Rebel Blaster

Edged Weapons
-Long Samurai sword w/ sheath (Katana)
-Short Samura sword w/ sheath (Wakizashi)
-Medievel Sword with Scabbard
-Compound Bow with Arrows

Deluxe Items
-Weapon/Rifle case – long (Deluxe Item)
-Weapon/Rifle case – short (Deluxe Item)
-50 cal Machine Gun with tripod (Deluxe Item)
-30 cal Machine Gun with tripod (Deluxe Item)
-M2 Mortar with shells (Deluxe Item)
-Stinger Anti-Aircraft launcher (Deluxe Item)
-Law rocket launcher w/ missile (Deluxe Item)

Let us know what you think and thanks again for your support!