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Hi all!  Please find enclosed some news and new product updates from us here
at SMALLJOES.COM.  Also, remember to check us out and Like us on Facebook
where you can see periodic mini-updates about new products and sales, all
without having to read a bulky newsletter!


With the GI JOE: Retaliation movie being pushed back it has been a slow year
for GI JOE 3 3/4″ toy products.  We actually aren’t expecting anything truly
new until the first quarter of next year.   In the meantime, we have been
working to keep a good, stocked selection of GI JOE 25th Anniversary and
Rise of Cobra product.  Be sure to view our latest listings in those

All of the latest GI JOE regular monthly comics as well as limited series and
one-shots are available.  IDW is currently printing four ongoing titles:
GI JOE, Snake-Eyes & Storm Shadow, Cobra, and A Real American Hero.  There
are a variety of 99 cents sale comics kicking around in most of the GI JOE
comic menu categories so dig through and see what you can find a killer deal

We have some new listings for items exclusive to the GI JOE 2012 Collector’s
Convention.  All of the attendee premiums and packages sold out so be sure to
track down what you want before it disappears forever into private

GI JOE t-shirts are all on sale.  These are some older designs that aren’t
available elsewhere.  We don’t have many left and have these set to very low
prices to blow them out of the warehouse for good.  We have a lot of adult
small and medium.  These are good sizes for kids and teens (hint – gift idea!).


We continue to main a very large selection of Marvel Universe 3.75″ action
figures from Hasbro.  The last assortment featuring Beast, Beta Ray Bill,
Kraven the Hunter, Spider-Man Unlimited, and New Incredible Hulk sold through
but they are available for pre-order again for an early September arrival.

The newest assortment featuring Kang, She-Hulk, Shattered Dimension
Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, and a new Punisher figure are due in a couple of
days.  Get your pre-orders in now.


A lot of new 1:32 scale Forces of Valor WW2-era die-cast models have been
released in the last few months and we now have them all listed for sale.
Be sure to check out the relevant sections for a variety of new German and
U.S. armor and vehicles as well as some new color schemes for old favorites.
More items coming next month too!

Two new assortments of modern Marines and Army in 1:18 scale coming tomorrow,
August 27th!


We’re pleased to announce the imminent arrival of the new-release F-18
aircraft VFA-86 Sidewinders.  Pre-orders are expected to begin shipping
on August 27th.  We will also have a few new 1:18 scale Elite Force
figures listed in conjuction with this arrival.


In the months since our last newsletter a variety of modern-era 1:6 scale
military figures have come into stock from popular brands like Soldier Story,
Toys City, Crazy Dummy, and DAM.  These are some high-end, ultra detailed
collectibles that will be the proud centerpiece of any authentic military
figure collection.  Take a look at what we have to offer at very competitive
prices in the 1:6 scale category.


Take a look at our clearance aisle for ultra-low pricing on items we want to
move out of the warehouse.  We have all kinds of stuff in here including
comics, GI JOE 25th Anniversary, Marvel, Star Wars, T-shirts, and also
recently added some Dragon 1:6 scale figures at super-discounted pricing.

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Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll stop by and check out the site