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Wow…  it’s amazing what a little creativity can do with some easily accessible parts, and the guys over at the Coil Con (most notably, Jay Hunger from Carded Heroes) have knocked it out of the park with the first reveal of their Convention exclusive figures this year.

Zilant leads the Coil team, and he is rocking a great green and red paint scheme, using some awesome parts from various G.I. Joe: Renegades figures.  I think most people would agree that the infamous Black Ice figure is what really put the Canadian JoeCon on the map a number of years ago…I suspect Zilant may have the same affect for Coil Con.  A truly inspired, evil looking figure.  Kudos to Jay and the Coil guys for getting this together, and make sure you keep your browsers on or the Coil Con Facebook Page for the latest info on the Coil get together.

It’s coming up soon, on September 8th, and will feature appearances by IDW artist Robert Atkins, author James Kavanaugh, and the JoeDeclassified guys as well.  Don’t miss it, it sounds like a great time.  Wish I could be there!