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Veteran toy developers, Go, Go, Dynamo!, are harnessing the power of Kickstarter to crowd fund the first line of action figures that teach kids about diverse cultures through great play and magical stories. This knowledge fosters a mutual understanding between people of unfamiliar backgrounds and cultures.

Heroes of the World, Unite in Play

Providence, RI, July 28, 2012 –(– As the world’s athletic heroes gather in London, the world’s cultural heroes assemble at crowd-sourcing site Kickstarter ( for a new generation of action figures. The Hero Project aims to introduce kids to a spectacular selection of action figures from around the world, starting with Rama, the greatest hero of India.

“These figures teach kids about their own heritage and allow them to discover amazing heroes from other cultures,” explains Wayne Losey of Go, Go, Dynamo!, formerly a design exec at Hasbro responsible for bringing Boy’s Action properties to life. “Knowing these heroes and the cultures they came from creates a broader understanding that helps kids relate to people from different backgrounds.”

“Heroes stories are symbolic of growing-up and capture kid’s imaginations. Just look at all the kids around the world who share a love for the latest pop culture character,” offers Tucker Johnson, a veteran industrial designer with a knack for telling stories through play. “Heroes bring people together.”

It’s going to take a heroic effort to meet the Kickerstarter funding goal by August 8th. Children of the world, unite! Come together in Play!

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