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During an exciting round table conversation with Hasbro this morning, the fellas from What’s on Joe Mind and myself got some information about the concept case shown at the G.I. Joe Convention here in New Orleans.

According to G.I. Joe Marketing director Joe Del Regno Hasbro is going to endeavor to list some online polls on GIJoe.Com in order to gauge interest in the figures and concepts shown within the confines of the “vault” here in New Orleans.  While we’re not certain on the timeline for this event, I figured the sooner we start identifying these figures, the better.  Thankfully, Hasbro made the job considerably easier by providing labels today in order to better organize our thoughts and priorities.

Click the Read the Rest of the Story link below to see the run down of figures with their identification.  The photos will all be presented in the same order as the names for easy  ID.

Now, I had to make some educated decisions about this list as I put it together.  Based on what we know from G.I. Joe: Renegades, the fact that the theme has long since come and gone, and considering nobody in the design team even bothered to label any of those figures, I’m making the gross assumption that Renegades figures are off the books.  When Hasbro decides to host their poll on, I suspect it will not include the G.I. Joe: Renegades items, only what we see labelled in the case belonging to the 30th Anniversary and Pursuit of Cobra format.  I could be wrong, but that’s what I’m going with.

The interview with the Hasbro G.I. Joe team will air in an episode due to be uploaded very shortly, but for now, I’d like to get some of this organized for folks to make some educated decisions.  I’m going to run this down in Alphabetical Order.

30th Anniversary style

  • Barbecue (Team Bravo Firefighter)
  • Beachhead
  • Cobra Eel
  • Cobra Officer
  • Cobra Shock Trooper
  • Crimson Guard Immortal
  • Crimson Shadow Guard
  • Flint
  • G.I. Joe Police Unit 4
  • G.I. Joe Trooper (tan uniform)
  • HEAT Viper
  • Hit & Run
  • Kwinn the Mercenary
  • Lady Jaye
  • Laser-Viper
  • Shipwreck
  • Steel Brigade Commander
  • Steel Brigade Delta (light green uniform, different tooling)
  • Stinger Driver
  • Tele-Viper

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Pursuit of Cobra style

  • Clutch (Pursuit of Cobra VAMP Driver)
  • Cobra Infantry
  • Data-Viper
  • Dreadnok KAOS Crew
  • Echo Faction Trooper (Grunt?)
  • Heavy Alley-Viper
  • HISS Driver (Pursuit of Cobra HISS Driver)
  • NOMaD Warrior
  • Pit Training Duke
  • Raven’s Wing
  • Ripcord Arctic Diver
  • Snow Serpent
  • Steel Brigade v.2
  • Zartan

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The Legends of the Arashikage

  • Beast Ninja
  • Dark Ninja Master
  • Ghost Ninja Henchman
  • Gold Ninja (Actual name not known)
  • Ninja Warrior Monk
  • Red Ninja Dice
  • Snake Ninja Master
  • Urban Ninja
  • Weapons with the set

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Zombie Invasion

  • Mutant Zombie
  • Toxo-Zombie
  • Zombie Cobra Commander
  • Zombie Cobra Shock Trooper
  • Zombie Cobra Viper
  • Zombie Echo Faction Trooper
  • Zombie Ninja
  • Zombie Steel Brigade
  • Zombie Storm Shadow
  • Zombie Viper
  • Weapons with the set

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