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During the G.I. Joe Collectors Club panel, Brian spoke about his desire to get the online store up and running as soon as possible, and it looks like they might already be making some progress.  Fun Publications sends along the following email update regarding the Club store:

This quick update is going out to all members of both clubs.   

It will still be a couple more weeks (we don’t know exactly how long as we are waiting on the host to finish their work) until our dedicated store server is online.  

Once it is ready to go, we will let you know that products in the store have be made active and you will be able to order items from the clubs again.  

We do not anticipate that all items will be available in the club stores on opening day so please have patience as we finish the migration from the old e-commerce site to this one.

In addition, to try and avoid a denial of service issue (because of the volume) we will only bring one set of products online at a time. 

We will email you when we are going to bring the products online.  We are anticipating being ready to go the week of July 23rd, but that could change.

Thanks to both groups for your patience and the two great conventions this year!


Hopefully once the store goes online there won’t be any technical issues and we can move forwards towards the Figure Subscription Service!  Fingers crossed.