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With JoeCon behind us, all eyes are forward to the next big event, which takes form in the shape of the Canadian JoeCon, coming August 10th – 11th at the Sheraton in Toronto, Ontario!  The show has been running for several years, and is one of the favorite destinations of not just Canadian G.I. Joe fans, but also many domestic fans as well.  One of the highlights of the show is the super-limited edition figure boxed set, which has dominated the secondary market and thrilled Joe fans across many countries.

The Canadian JoeCon celebrated Canada Day by revealing their first figure in the set…  Traction!  Apparently a vehicle driver, Traction is also an explosives expert.  Not satisfied with one reveal, this morning, the Canadian JoeCon launched a preview for figure #2…  H.A.G.A.R.!  In a very surprising move, the Canadian JoeCon guys dipped back into the o-ring wells, using the Valor Vs. Venom B.A.T. figure with a more modern vest on top of it.  Very interesting choice.

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