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Prepare to weep with the thought that these figures will now not be available likely until early 2013…  HissTank members DarthDre758 and kennywr22 as well as JoeCanuck member Redmao managed to get their hands on some early samples and have provided really nice pictures of these upcoming figures, which will probably make you cry like they made me cry.

Anyone who was complaining about reduced articulation, a lack of detail, and bizarre accessories can stop complaining, because Wave 2 looks like it is prepared to knock the G.I. Joe: Retaliation ball out of the park.  Full range of motion, amazing detail throughout these movie-accurate figures, and some really incredible weapons, especially at the small size these are.  Very impressive stuff.

While I haven’t been as hard on Wave 1 of the G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures as some, it is easy to tell that some articulation sacrifices were ordered, and the lack of movie reference impacting the overall design of the line.  Things look like they really started coming together in Wave 2, though.  Both of these figures look stellar.  I’m already counting down to early 2013!

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