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As has become the custom, thanks to the Golden Ticket early pick up and the Convention comic (which contains a listing of exclusives as well as the comic art itself) we are getting a clear picture about what to expect from the G.I. Joe Convention exclusives tomorrow night.

First and foremost, the attendee exclusive was revealed to be an Oktober Guard themed repaint of the Rise of Cobra Snarler Cycle, pictured below.

Along with this reveal, we also discovered that the Convention Exclusive attendee items for 2012 are the following:

  • Annihilator 3-Pack (LE 650)
  • IG Ground Assault 2-Pack (LE 1,000)
  • Cobra Stealth Paratrooper (LE 500)
  • OG Attack Helicopter (LE 600)
  • Soviet Convoy Truck w/ 3 Tops (LE 500)

Based on what we see withn in the comic, I think it’s a fair guess that the Annihilator 3-Pack will feature 3 Annihilators, most likely using the backpack helicopter that came with the 25th Anniversary Matt Trakker.  From some pieces of the comic art it looks as if they will use some Iron Grenadier parts, based on the back of the legs and the gauntlets.  The helmet in the far away shot almost looks like an Ice Viper or other Rise of Cobra large-visored head sculpt.

Because of his prominence throughout the Con comic, it’s also a no-brainer that Darklon will likely be a part of the IG Ground Assault 2-Pack and he looks to have a new head sculpt, the same webgear as the Marauders Taurus figure with a healthy dose of Pursuit of Cobra Firefly parts underneath.  The other figure is sort of a mystery.

No ideas about the Cobra Stealth Paratrooper other than it’s most likely the parachute figure and will not be available for sale until after the parachute drop on Friday.

Oktober Guard Attack Helicopter appears to be a repainted Rise of Cobra Dragonhawk, while the Soviet Convoy truck looks like the truck from Indiana Jones, which actually works fairly well in this regard.

I’ll be honest, this is a LOT more exclusives than I expected.  Two vehicles and two separate figure packs, not to mention carded Footloose.  Speaking of carded Footloose, the Club has brought 500 of them to the Con and they are limited to ONE PER PERSON including Golden Ticket holders.  The reason for this according to Brian Savage is that they are not convention items, they are Club items, and they are specifically holding some back to sell after the Convention, something that is sure to please a number of fans out there.

Conspicuous by his absence as well is Dragonsky, who has been a hotly desired part of this Con set, but it looks like he will not come with this particular set.  The reason I assume that is that he does show up in the Convention comic, but his uniform is based on the 2004 Comic Pack version, with no updated designs that might meld him into the modern set.  He also appears to get wounded in the convention comic, which would account for the fact that he is not a major part of the story.

Check out some images below of the comic art, reflecting some of these things that I mentioned.  Looking forward to seeing more tomorrow!

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A huge thanks to MadMac41 of  JoeBattleLines for the info and the picture assistance!  He came through big time.