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Last week quite a stir was created when Rescuer over on the JoeCustoms message boards mentioned that a Dollar General manager reported to him that the new G.I. Joe figures we were all searching for in stores had, in fact, been recalled.

I was a bit dubious about this, and I did some searching of my own, with thanks to a few friends of the site, and in all conversations I had with Dollar General folks or people connected to the chain, there had been no recall brought to their attention.

Well, Wednesday, Rescuer kindly returned to JoeCustoms to elaborate on his post, and he typed the following:

DG recall Update:

After a busy week at the fire station, I finally got to go to the local DG myself. I spoke with Linda, the Manager, (my wife’s friend is only an Asst Manager I found out) myself in regards to the recall that they received. They did receive a recall notice on a pallet that did contain GI Joe toys. HOWEVER, the recall was due to the pallet sustaining damage in transit, and several boxes of Joe toys were crushed, along with some Corps figures, large Power Rangers, and Batman figures. The recall was from their distribution warehouse, NOT Hasbro! The Joe toys were a few of the new sculpt o-ring figures, and the small Joe combat heroes. They were told not to put them on the shelf and return for replacements. There were NONE of the new Joe single cards in the recall! They unfortunately did not receive any more of the new figures in as of the last shipment delivery. I wanted to get this clarified for everyone that is still in search of these figures. KEEP LOOKING!! If anyone is able to, please forward this info to General’sJoes to update his site as well.

So that’s that.  There is NO RECALL for Dollar General stores.  Granted, these figures are quite hard to find at the moment, but I suspect they will get more common place as time goes on.  For the moment, though, no need to panic.

Thanks to Rescuer for following up and bringing this to my attention!