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I know as a fan I thought perhaps the Oktober Guard set would be popular among the fans, but I didn’t really anticipate the sell out on the massively quick scale that happened.  From the sounds of it, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club was taken aback as well.

But it looks like they are also gauging interest in a second production run of the boxed set.  They have reached out to their membership via email to ask if there are folks who would purchase an Oktober Guard set if given the opportunity.  The full text of the email is below:

“Hello all!

Just as a CHECK and we are NOT saying we are going to do this…..

We are curious as to how many of you did not get the Oktober Guard set and would still like to order one (boxed only)?  We don’t know if there is enough demand left to meet the MOQ (minimum order quantity) with the manufacturer.

In addition, we have NOT cleared any potential additional manufacturing quantities with Hasbro.  So that we have an idea and can better serve you with future sets, if you would be interested in a set (IF it were possible to make more and it was approved), please fill out the attached spreadsheet with ALL of the information requested by Monday, July 2nd and return it to this email’s return address (  We will only analyze spreadsheets that are returned and will not count/look at information in the email as this is a huge task.

We will analyze the data and see how much demand is still pending and we will let you know soon after July second if there is enough demand to warrant a second run. There should be no variation in the two runs.

I don’t want anyone to get false hopes but we don’t know what the potential demand is unless we ask.  So, at this point assume that we will not be making any additional sets.

Thanks for helping us gauge your desires!


So for folks who didn’t get this excellent looking set, make your voice heard!