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We have to consider this more rumor material, just because there has been no official word from Sideshow Collectibles, only a snippet of art from the introduction to their new Production Peek video.

The production peek itself focuses on the Lord of the Rings product line, but if you squint and look closely at the rotating artwork used for the intro, a nice picture of some potential design ideas for Major Bludd and Destro are present there.  Destro looks like he has a pretty new look, complete with his red collar, but with a much better textured shirt.  Major Bludd looks like he comes with removable missiles for his backpack as well.

Keep in mind these may just be dead concepts, but it’s still a very cool look into the production process.  The video is embedded below, and I’ve also screen grabbed a few images for a better look.  Big thanks to the eagle eyes of the Flag Points Podcast Twitter account for noticing this!

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