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So as we push on towards JoeCon, Gary and Mike are making their own promotional push…they’re appearing regularly on other podcasts to help promote JoeCon, and of course, talk up the What’s on Joe Mind podcast a little bit.

Here are some recent shows you can catch them on:

  • Open Your Toys Episode 73 – Join Slick McFavorite and Mrs. McFavorite as they talk to Mike and Gary on this great toy-themed podcast that has been a mainstay on my personal playlist for a while now.
  • Geek Cast Radio Network  JoeCon Special – Gary and Mike join Steve and Mike on GCRN to talk up JoeCon and get into all of your favorite geek topics.  A couple of very well established podcasting pro’s talking Joe, where can you go wrong?
  • Star Joes Episode 70 – Old podcast buddies Chuck and Ryan bring Mike and Gary on this episode, once again, to talk a little bit about JoeCon and the G.I. Joe hobby in general.  One of our favorite G.I. Joe themed podcasts out there, don’t miss this one!

More to come!  Enjoy.