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And they’re throwing a party!

JoeCustoms initially entered the online G.I. Joe community as the Bivouac over 10 years ago, but the official movement to “” was 10 years ago and they’ve never looked back.  P-Luv has started a thread over on JoeCustoms to discuss its awesome 10 year history, and probably the coolest part of this whole celebration is a conversation with camper and Beav, two past admins for the site.  Camper was the guy who started the whole thing way back when, and Beav was running the show himself for many years until P-Luv recently took over.

Without a doubt the site that spearheaded the G.I. Joe customizing community this is an awesome look at the past 10 years, plus there are some chances to win some good prizes as well.

Check it out right here!