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So, Joe fans got the words they were fearing via online retailers yesterday as reports emerged from all over the ‘net that G.I. Joe: Retaliation orders from Wave 2 and forward would not be fulfilled this year.  According to reports from online retailers, the same product will be made available in early 2013.


Now before everyone rushes in and says “Oh, cool, now they can push out some more 30th Anniversary stuff!  Oh, cool, now they can fix all the crappy articulation!”

Ummmm… no.  I would not expect anything like that.  Any toys, even ones where tooling already exists, takes far too long to produce to just be “thrown out there” within the next few months.  There is way more planning, coordination, and production required than we probably think.  They can’t just toss one of those Kwinn test shots in a magic machine and suddenly have 20,000 available to ship to retailers.

Same goes for articulation.  “Fixing” articulation would require significant retooling, and would essentially be creating the line again from scratch.  Hasbro has already invested too much money in the current figures, and already has way too short a time frame in order to make any wholesale changes to the figures as they stand.

On the good side, JoeCon is just four short weeks away, so hopefully we can all get our questions answered there.  And there will be a LOT of questions, I’m sure.