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With the revelation yesterday that the G.I. Joe Collectors Club is using the canceled Iron Grenadier 5-Pack as an apparent source of inspiration for the 2012 Convention set, many Joe fans were a bit concerned that this meant Destro would be making another appearance in a Convention set, perhaps pushing aside another character that was more desired.

Well, on their Facebook page today, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club put those fears to rest:

Doug Monroe : Dave- By this late date it is unlikely we could influence any change of the selection of figures for the box set but, even though I am completely excited to see IG Vs. OG I agree we do not need another Destro if it means giving up an unmade character- especially if the Destro is the one from the cancelled set- the head on that figure is awful. If the cancelled Destro’s head was replaced on the same body it would be a neat figure.

GIJoeCon (Official) : Doug is correct. The set has been SET long before now. No Destro.

So, there you have it.  No Destro in this year’s Convention set!  I love hearing that, as it means another slot for a potentially different character… very cool, can’t wait to see more.  Be sure to keep checking for the latest revelations.  Thanks to Caped Crusader on Twitter for the info!