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A while ago we reported on a rumor that was going to release a “Preview” pack of G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures prior to launch of the main retail figure line.  Well, ever since we have heard almost no new information whatsoever, so I think many fans are kind of assuming this has fallen by the wayside.

Well, not so much.

Images have emerged of the box for the rumored Preview 4-Pack, though they’re calling it a “Premiere Pack”.  The rumored figures of Roadblock, Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow all appear to be intact.

The most interesting thing about the box art, though, is that Cobra Commander is distinctly movie-accurate (unlike the single pack figure).  Perhaps this is where the black Cobra Commander will appear?  Information is sparse, but for now, enjoy the (sort of small) box images below.

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