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With C2E2 almost in full swing, some information is coming out of Chicago a little early.  Sources tell me that IDW may make an announcement this weekend that they are “streamlining” their G.I. Joe comic releases.

What exactly does “streamlining” mean?  At this point your guess is as good as mine.  I’m not sure if it means some titles are getting cancelled, but the word sounds somewhat ominous, especially considering how awesome the IDW comic universe has been in recent months.

I would imagine more information will come out of C2E2 itself, but a bit of a scary start to the event, at least for G.I. Joe comic fans.  Stay tuned for the latest news and information as it comes!

EDIT – More information has emerged, from the Twitter account ComixAce.  She Tweets the following:

“GI Joe, Magic, D&D and NInja Turtles will all be trimmed a bit – to ONE ongoing and the occasional mini, not more than one at a time. “

Ummm…  shit.