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The following information comes via email from the G.I. Joe Collectors Club!

Hello all!

We have now taken the next step in getting the store fully online.  Since you are getting this email, that means your account is in good standing and you don’t need to do anything with your membership until you get further instructions from the new store.

What we do need is for you to spread the word that anyone whose membership has lapsed and wants to get back in the club starting with the May issue, needs to join by this Friday April 20th.  They can do this from any of the regular links at or by clicking here.  Anyone starting now will receive the free figures offered for 2013.

Please tell them to go to the store, put the membership in their basket and check out.  If they had a log-in it is still valid and they can use the retrieval function to get their password.  They will be eligible to order the extra Footloose or Man of Evil figures from this year’s runs when they are put online.

If you want multiple memberships, remember that you can only have one membership per email (same for any Transformers Club memberships).  Every email address can only have one membership attached to it whether it is a Joe or TF membership.

I know you are all wanting to order the exclusive figures as well, but there are still a couple of known bugs we have to get worked out in order for us to add products to the new store.  Currently, the store can only be used to join the Club.  We are shooting for the first week in May to have these items online.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks for your support!