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Over the weekend conversation about the IDW G.I. Joe comics reached a fever pitch as rumors circulated about titles “scaling back” and there were even specific rumors of just a single ongoing title existing.

Slowly but surely over the past few days, those rumors have been put to rest by folks at the ComixVerse, The Terror Drome, and Mike Costa himself.  Well, add another name to the pile of folks who are saying this “streamlining” either isn’t going to happen or is going to be much less than initially thought.  Larry Hama.

The writer of the Real American Hero title confirms via Facebook that as far as he knows, RAH isn’t going anywhere.  His exact quote:

” I am dialogueing RAH#180 right now, and am writing to plot to to RAH#183 as well. Just talked to Carlos @ IDW, and he sai nothing about cutting backl I fact there are going to be Mexican editions, and I;m going to write one of the letter columns.”

Issue #180 was just solicited for July, so #183 would scope out to around October, so there certainly doesn’t appear to be any scaling back on the radar.  I’m glad to hear it.  With Larry Hama and Mike Costa being my two favorite comic writers at the moment, hearing them both say specifically that they’re not going anywhere is a big relief.  Hopefully it stays that way!