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Over the past few years, Gyre-Viper has become pretty well known throughout the community mostly for his early modern samples that he gets his hands on and then showcases for the rest of us.  However, one thing he hasn’t been getting much credit for lately is his ability to dig out some awesome stuff from the past.

Everyone’s work on the excellent JoeDeclassified Spec Ops podcast has brought some of those age old mysteries back to the forefront.  Meanwhile, Gyre-Viper has also been posting some great tidbits via his Twitter account.  Just this week we got some great pictures of concept art for Chuckles as well as a great inter-office communication which reveals that perhaps the Special Missions Brazil set in 1986 changed somewhere along the way.  It’s all good stuff, and I’m certain we’re going to get even more good stuff out of upcoming episode of JDSO.

Check out some of the mirrored images below, and follow Gyre-Viper on Twitter to see more of the great behind-the-scenes intel.  I promise more stuff is coming, and from what I hear, a question that’s been on fans’ minds for the past 25 years will be answered on an upcoming episode.  Can’t beat it.

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