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Oh boy.  Gyre-Viper took the world by storm last week when he broke the news about the Dollar Store exclusive figures with a great vintage aesthetic.  Well, he’s about the blow the doors off again on

Apparently these Dollar Store exclusive figures won’t just be appearing in one paint scheme…  check out this amazing new gallery below of fully repainted variant figures for the exclusive line!  We’ve got what almost looks like a T’Ginzu repaint Storm Shadow, a dark gray Duke, black Cobra Commander, comic deco Cobra Troopers, a green Shipwreck, and a pseudo Heavy Artillery Snake Eyes (from an old school Toys “R” Us Exclusive set).

Mind.  Blown.

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And hey…look at those last few pictures.  Looks like ole Gyre-Viper has something else in the wings for us.  And if it’s in that stage of completion, I’d say release is almost guaranteed.

Ohhhhh yeeeeeeaah.

It’s official.  This is the week of G.I. Joe.