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A short while ago I talked up Yetibrew Design’s awesome custom HISS Tank canopies that many collectors seemed eager to get in their hot little hands.  Well, Ian over at Yetibrew has been listening to some feedback, and invariably people were asking for an updated HISS canopy that the driver could see through!

Here it is!

The great thing about a small operation is that they take all customer feedback to heart, and Ian did a great job turning this item around so quickly.  Check out a small gallery of this new canopy below and hit up Yetibrew to grab yourselves some!  The full updated information is quoted below:

“Late last month I was approached by someone who wanted their canopy to have clear windows so I have created two options for collectors who would prefer to have windows instead of the armored look.  The first option pertains to the material choices available for the original canopies on Shapeways. Users can now select from several transparent and frosted materials that will allow users to paint around the windows to match color of their tanks.  The second option is a two part assembly where the windows are a separate piece which is ordered separately from the canopy frame.  As of yesterday, canopy frames are available for both the RAH and 25th Anniversary HISS tanks and the window insert is universal. “

Very cool.

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