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Now that Gary has returned from the UK, things are getting caught up around here, and the result is yet another episode of What’s on Joe Mind!  Episode 46 was initially slated to be a “listener mail” episode, and we did cover a lot of that, but we also broke some news, addressed some concerns through our online surveys and still had time to bring in an interview with Zack Hoffman (the voice of Zartan from the Sunbow animated series)!

Check it out on our Podbean Page, or via the embedded player below.  Also be sure to click the “Read the Rest of the Story” link below for the show notes.


Well, we’re caught up now.  This was SUPPOSED to be our listener email episode, but due to timing of getting the previous show out a week late, we dipped into our mailbag for some existing email that you have provided us.  You listeners never fail to deliver and Chuck picked us out some questions to for us and Craig to mull over.  In a very full second half of the program we cover the news of the week as Sideshow announces a new Snake Eyes figures, Renegades is coming out on DVD despite our unknowing banter in #45 and a composer is announced for Retaliation.  After the news Gary and the guys go over the show survey results and bat about your dislikes and likes about the program.  Before we wrapped this show up, we plug in a pre-recorded interview with Zack Hoffman, aka the Sunbow voice of Zartan that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.  It’s spring time folks!  So break out the lawn mower, charge up that MP3 player, plug in those earbuds and enjoy the next couple of hours of Joe-talk while you work in the yard!

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