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Even if you’re not an IDW fan, I really hope you’re spending some time at Robert Atkin’s blog, because he has been knocking it out of the park recently with some great insight and preview artwork for his upcoming stint on Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.  But as good as his posts have been, they almost pale in comparison to what he released today.

Again, this is all from a comic artist point of view, but this is an amazing look into the process of designing a G.I. Joe character and it’s pretty astounding just how much thought and behind the scenes detail work goes into it.   Atkins spends two fairly long blog posts going into pretty much every angle and every part of the inspiration for the updated uniform for Snake Eyes in the IDW comic.  Part G.I. Joe: Resolute, part G.I. Joe: Renegades, and part real world military, Atkins does some incredible documenting of the build up to this Snake Eyes design.

It is really, really awesome.  Even if you’re not big into comics, or big into IDW, this is the kind of thought process that most folks use when creating these figures, and I cannot thank Robert enough for spending some time outlining it.  Some great art, some great ideas, and it’s really terrific seeing the process fleshed out like this.

Check out the links below to get the whole lowdown on the updated IDW Snake Eyes design!