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Fans of Slayer Design Studios are familiar with the annual SlayerCon, and I’m happy to report the second annual convention for customizers and folks interested in the casting and production process is happening this weekend.

Located at the Ramada Inn just outside Baltimore, Maryland, SlayerCon will feature a number of talented customizers as well as the guys behind  In fact, the first figures from (including Pythona!) will be at SlayerCon live and in person.

The show is March 3rd – 4th, and you can check out the SDS Forums to get more information.

Speaking of Slayer Design Studios, folks who are curious about the casting process will want to check out a great Fighting 118th interview of Slayer Dave, the guy behind the curtain of Slayer Design Studios.  I have had several direct interactions with Dave, and he is a great guy who cares deeply about his product and loves coming up with new ideas and concepts for product to interact with our favorite toyline.  Check out links to the interview below.

Thanks to Monkeywrench and The Terror Drome for the info.