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We were one of the sites last week to break the news that Sideshow Collectibles was on the verge of announcing the pre-order for a new version of the venerable G.I. Joe commando ninja Snake Eyes!  Well, the figure will be up for pre-order on March 15th (that’s Thursday), and Sideshow has posted the full gallery today!

This figure carries a hefty price tag, but comes with a ton of accessories as well as a fully articulated Timber.  That’s right…  Fully.  Articulated.  Timber.

Hell, the Sideshow Exclusive even has a swappable portrait for the wolf.  Impressive, most impressive!

I’ve mirrored just a few images below, but the full blown gallery can be seen at Sideshow Collectibles, and keep your eyes peeled here on GeneralsJoes for when the pre-order goes live!

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