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As great as the recent IDW Cobra Command story arc has been, and as well suited to the story Alex Cal’s artwork has been, a big part of me really misses Robert Atkins’ work on a G.I. Joe title.  Well, thankfully that problem gets rectified very shortly!

With Atkins slated to return to the art chores for Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow starting with issue #13 and I couldn’t be more excited.  And as if I wasn’t fired up enough already, Robert updated his blog with some art for the issue.  This includes the cover and interior art for one of the pages inside!  Oooh boy this looks awesome.

Check out the links below for the various blog posts:

Love the looks of this.  The style is so different from Alex Cal, yet awesome in its own right.  Crisp, clear, awesome detail work, and I love the designs of those Red Ninjas.  The pencil and ink work all belongs to Robert, with colors by the excellent Simon Gough, who has also posted some great detail shots on DeviantArt as well.  You can find his work at  The links to the other pieces are below: