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The New Jersey Collectors Convention hit the scene fairly recently, but made a big splash last year with the awesome exclusive Jungle BAT themed HISS Tanks created by good friend of GeneralsJoes Kevin Watts.

The 2012 edition of the NJCC is coming in May, and we now have our first look at the 2012 NJCC Exclusive, the HAZARD HISS Tank!

This is an early sample and will likely be getting tweaked along the way, with some additional details and an exclusive sticker sheet from Cobra Stickers.  Kevin Watts once again is the brainchild behind this one, and it shows.  A great looking piece that will supplement your Hazard-Vipers well.  Heck, it even comes with a great armored canopy by GeneralsJoes sponsor Yetibrew Design!

I’ve mirrored one image below, but be sure to hit up HissTank for the full details.