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Hey Everyone!

We have had a massive restock of new and vintage collectibles over the
last week! Lots of great items for every collector.

2012 Retro Classics Ninja Turtles Pre-Orders are now available. Each
Turtle stands 6-inches tall, includes signature weapon accessories, and
personalized signature base. Follow the link to jump to our pre-order

Our Star Wars section has undergone a massive expansion. Several new
categories have been added, with tons of new and old figures. Follow the
links below to jump to a specific category.

2004 VOTC:

2006 Saga Collection:

2007 Saga Collection:

Galactic Heroes:

Who you gonna call……Nerd Rage Toys! New to the store are various vintage
Ghostbusters figures, vehicles, and playsets including the original
Firehouse, Ecto-1, Ray, Peter,Egon, and much more! Follow the link to jump
to our Ghostbusters page.

Several new categories have also been added to our GI Joe section. We have
a little bit to offer every genre of Joe collector. Follow the links below
to jump to a specific category.


Valor vs Venom:

Sigma 6:

Nerd Rage Toys is going green! We have added over 100 vintage Ninja
Turtles items to our catalog including figures, vehicles, parts, and more.
These guys are flying off the shelf faster than a tuna fish, peanut
butter, and grape jelly pizza! Follow the link to jump to our Ninja
Turtles page.

Give the gift of Nerd Rage Toys! Now available are gift certificates for Choose from multiple denominations to accommodate any
budget. You can find the gift certificate link at the top right of the
Nerd Rage Toys home page. Please refer to our FAQ page for further

Be sure to check the rest of the great lines we have to offer.

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Thank you to everyone for your business.

-Nerd Rage Toys