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Yes, I know I’m a bit behind the 8 ball on this one, time has been tight…  but I figured I couldn’t very well review Snake Eyes #11, covering Cobra Command Part 8 unless I covered Cobra Command Part 7 first!

That’s how much I’m enjoying this storyline…trying to make every effort to review every part of it.

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G.I. Joe #11

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Alex Cal

I’ve been vocal for quite a while about the pacing and overall quality of the main stream G.I. Joe title, expressing disappointment that it sometimes seemed like the weakest title in the IDW G.I. Joe stable, which was frustrating considering it’s sort of the “Flagship” title.

I’m happy to say that during the Cobra Command series, things have really picked up, and this issue is no exception.  Still facing huge odds in Nanzhao, Flint, Roadblock, Hawk, and the rest of the Joes are scrapping with Cobra among a monsoon, while Cobra Battle Android Troopers are making their lives miserable as well.  The immediate reaction I had when I first started reading this issue was that the atmosphere was excellent.  Alex Cal’s artwork has it’s own dramatic look and feel, combined with the downpour, the somewhat muted colors, and the understated dialog, it creates an immediate sense of forboding and intensity.  That opening splash page with a bandaged up Flint portrays the same sense of impending doom.  Cal has been excellent throughout this entire 9 parter, and this issue certainly keeps up that pace.

As the Joes fight tooth and nail with the super powerful Cobra B.A.T.s, Snake Eyes ditches Helix and moves in to face Storm Shadow and his cadre of Red Ninjas, which (believe it or not) is one of the first times this has happened since the very first installment of IDW’s G.I. Joe title.

The Snake Eyes side story is a pretty small snippet in the grand scheme of things this issue, as most of the focus is the firefight in Nanzhao, culminating in a dramatic air battle, which results in a nuclear weapon detonating in the Nanzhao jungle.  Dixon does a decent job here of keeping the pace quick, yet threatening, and the dialog acknowledges the gravity of what happened here.  Unlike some other moments I can think of, the detonation of a nuclear device is certainly not a minor event, and Scarlett appears to immediately feel the deep, forboding responsibility for giving the command to splash the warhead-carrying drone.

As already mentioned, the “fallout” (in the literal as well as the figurative sense) feels real and it’s not a decision that is made lightly.

Pacing throughout the entire issue is very nice, although I’m not crazy about how superhuman and indestructible the BATs appear to be.

The end result is another solid, quality edition of the Cobra Command storyline, all leading to what is expected to be a thrilling finale.  Hopefully the IDW G.I. Joe creative team pulls it off.

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