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While I was hoping to see the next installment of the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Prequel next week, it looks like that might have to wait a bit.  Instead we get G.I. Joe’s installment of Infestation 2 featuring…  Cthulu?!

I’ll be honest…I’ve never quite understood so many folks’ fascination with Lovecraft and Cthulu, but I can appreciate the supernatural elements that make up that world.  It’s probably very similar to the whole zombie fascination that I’m only slightly more familiar with.  Last year with Infestation, the big question was how do you make a zombie storyline work for G.I. Joe?  And I think IDW did a pretty decent job.

Now comes Cthulu…and judging by this quick preview, IDW is taking an interesting approach.  For a lover of obscure characters like myself, this approach is made even more awesome by the evident focus of the story on what looks to be a Cobra Insane Asylum, featuring everyone’s favorite whacked out characters like Raptor, Cesspool, and…  GRISTLE?!?  Freaking GRISTLE??!??  Nice!

Color me impressed to see the writers diving deep into the obscure depths.  Now in a few days we’ll see what they do with it.  Check out the 5-Page Preview at!