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Tomorrow is Wednesday, which any self-respecting geek knows is “new comic day” and the new G.I. Joe comic hitting local comic shops tomorrow is Snake Eyes #11!  Part 8 of Cobra Command, we’re nearing the end of this great 9-part series, and things are heating up.

Check out the 5 page preview below.

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Snake Eyes Ongoing #11

Chuck Dixon (w) • Alex Cal (a) • Dave Wilkins, Robert Atkins (c)

The Commander demands satisfaction! COBRA’s war on a helpless sovereign nation roars toward its conclusion. Snake Eyes is alone against the Red Ninjas led by Storm Shadow in the Temple of the Bells as weapons of mass destruction fall over Nanzhao. The Joes are in jeopardy at a border crossing against a squadron of B.A.T.s. Storm Shadow offers Snake Eyes a devil’s deal; the key to the heart of COBRA. Will the most dangerous Joe accept?

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

*Variant covers:

David Williams interconnected cover!

Bullet points:                                                                                             

  • PART 8 of Cobra Command!