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G.I. Joe fans around the world were eager and willing to check out G.I. Joe: Operation Red Retrieval when it hit late last year, and now director Mark Cheng and star Joe Barbagallo are partnering to form a new production company, Planet Nerd Rage.

Thriving on the micro-budget concept, this production company takes big ideas and makes them look big without big money.  It has the promise of some very cool things for the micro budget film phenomenon.

So why would G.I. Joe fans care, you ask?

Well, a couple of projects currently in the works involve one of all of our favorite creators, Larry Hama.  The first project is based a novel that Mr. Hama wrote several years ago, entitled The Wrong Chinaman, and another project is entitled Ghost Source Zero, with a script by Cheng, currently being worked on by Larry Hama as well.  It would seem like a match made in heaven.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled to Planet Nerd Rage, and for more information, check out Episode 47 of What’s on Joe Mind where Mark Cheng, Joe Barbagallo, and Larry Hama himself made this exciting announcement!  We were very honored that they chose our podcast to release this information to the wild, and we will all be closely following the progress of these works and this studio.