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So, I can’t give a rundown on this particular episode, because I wasn’t part of the action this time around.  Toy Fair coverage and being on the road for work all week long took their toll, and I let the other guys handle the heavy lifting.  But it’s okay, they had a lot of help!

Joe Collecting and your significant other doesn’t have to be like oil and water.  In this special edition of WOJM, we enlist the services of 4 Joe collecting wives who are proof that it can be the perfect combination.  Join Chuck, Mike and Gary as they ask a group of questions that are common to most collectors in the online fandom.  How do you break the news that you are a Joe collector?  How do you talk your significant other to accompany you or allow you to go to JoeCon?  The ladies panel answer these questions and more in the first half of the show.  We also answer a letter from a reader of Justin’s site asking what is the best Joe media to introduce your significant other to the hobby.  We also get appearances from Chuck’s mom who reminds him to make sure he is wearing a new pair of clean undies since he is entertaining females for the evening and Consuela the Maid.  In the second half we play another edition of Stump Chuck as Chuck takes on the Ladies in Joe Trivia.  Listen as Joe passions, or lack there of erupt into a frustrated Chuck.  It’s OK Chuck, you continue to be a good sport and the ladies liked it, we know Herb did!

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