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Fans of the Canadian G.I. Joe Convention no doubt are very familiar with Jason Loo’s work.  He’s done the artwork for the Canadian JoeCon comics as well as the actual character art for filecards, etc..  he’s a critical piece of the Canadian JoeCon puzzle, and after hanging out with him a lot during JoeCon in Orlando in 2004, I can say he’s a great guy as well.

He is currently involved in a contest, which isn’t G.I. Joe related, but it is Star Wars related to celebrate the “May the 4th Be With You” celebration in Toronto.

Jason is using his considerable art talents to design a poster for this event, and he needs our help to get it approved.

If you have a Facebook account and a few spare seconds, please consider “Liking” his poster.  He’s currently in third place and is trying to make a push towards victory, and this would be a great way for us to show our support and thanks to him for all of his efforts and hard work with the Canadian JoeCon comic.

So, please consider hitting up this link and clicking “Like”.  It would mean a lot to Jason, and the poster is pretty bad ass to boot.