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Hey everyone!

Now that Toy Fair has come and gone, its safe to say this is going to be a
great year to be a toy collector.

We have spoken with our distributor, and they have informed us that G.I.
Joe Retaliation items will be up for pre-order within days. No price point
has been verified as of yet, but expect the same competitive prices we
always have to offer.

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Currently in-stock is a great selection of vintage GI Joe vehicles. Choose
from favorites like the Skystriker, Condor, Thunderclap, and more. Follow
the link below to jump to our GI Joe vehicle section.

If you’re a He-Man fan, Nerd Rage toys has some great items for you to
choose from. We have a large inventory of figures and vehicles, both loose
and in the original packaging. Follow the link below to jump to our
vintage He-Man section.

In the market for vintage Star Wars? We have a huge selection of vintage
figures and vehicles to choose from. Currently in stock is over 130
figures,  from common to rare. 1979 Boba Fett with original card-back,
Amanaman, and the Millennium Falcon are just a few of the great items we
have to offer. Follow the link below to jump to our vintage Star Wars

Be sure to check the rest of the great lines we have to offer, including
Ghostbusters, Thundercats, Sectuars, and more.

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Thank you to everyone for your business.

-Nerd Rage Toys