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The initial run of Infestation was something I wasn’t real sure about.  I know there are plenty of zombie fans out there, but I’m not necessarily one of them, and I was kind of struggling to see how they would fit a zombie story into a more “real world” G.I. Joe element.  Granted, recent figures like Zombie-Viper have opened that door even more, but you get the impression that the Zombie-Viper isn’t a TRUE zombie necessarily, more of a Cobra experiment.

Now, the sequel to Infestation, instead of dealing with zombies, goes even more into the horror/supernatural elements by tackling Lovecraft and the Lovecraftian monsters that seem to have such a following.  Now how in the heck could this possibly tie into the G.I. Joe universe?

Comic Book Resources spoke with Infestation 2 writer Mike Raicht to get some details, and you can check out the interview right here.

It’s a very thorough and illuminating discussion and I found myself actually interested in seeing how this all ties together.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that Raicht throws some cameos to Cobra characters Cesspool and Razorclaw (!!) in the preview pages in the interview.

Definitely curious to see how this ends up.  Click here to read the full interview, and thanks to The Terror Drome for the intel.