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I am posting this merely as an advisory, so please don’t take it as a strict word of warning.  Over the past few weeks, several folks who have made purchases through the Transformers Collectors’ Club have had some security issues with their credit cards following the purchases.  In some cases, these purchases were recent, in other cases they went back a little while.

To this point, these issues had not impacted the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club side of the house, until recently.  We have heard from a smattering of individuals that they have noticed mysterious charges on their credit cards, from many of the same shady vendors as folks are seeing on the Transformers side of the house.

At this point it is unknown what the source of these issues are.  I do not post this to incite panic, but just to remind everyone to keep a careful watch on your credit card statements at all times and be very vigilant with any purchases that are made online.  I think folks in the G.I. Joe community should be aware of these issues and just pay some extra attention to your statements.

At least one GeneralsJoes reader has written in with almost $600 in unauthorized charges.  While the credit card companies are generally able to assist with these issues, it’s up to you to be diligent in checking your statements and reporting issues to the proper individuals.

To read the Transformers Collectors’ Club statement on the matter, click here.