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Every year unveils a special “Custom Celebration” which, as the name indicates, celebrates the ideas and techniques of G.I. Joe customization.  Hot on the heels of Toy Fair 2012, this seems like a great time to explore some of the creativity behind our favorite action figures.

In JoeCustom’s own words:

For those who have never been a part of one of our Custom Celebration, well, you’re in for a a treat. This is a two week event that puts the spotlight completely on customs, customizers and customizing. To do that, we have brought in a collection of contributors to write about various aspects of customizing, collecting, and creativity. In addition, there will be multiple chances for everyone at JoeCustoms to share their unique thoughts and ideas.

So what can you expect to see and read this year? We are going to be flooding the site with brand new “how to” articles and videos. We will be presenting a multitude of interviews with customizers who are an influential part of the hobby. There will be virtual customizing and discussion of collecting in general. All that, plus a ton of surprises. A day can’t handle that many items. Even a week is too small. Only a two week celebration can truly hold all of this excitement! 

What can you do? Join in the fun! Check out the new Custom Celebration forum. Each day will have several new features. You’ll have a chance to comment on each piece in this special forum for the event. In addition, there will be a few special threads with specific topics where you will help determine what is discussed.

If nothing else, we hope that the Custom Celebration gets you excited about customizing again. Has it been a while since you have made a custom figure/vehicle/playset/dioramma? Have you hung out on the site and never made a custom? What are you waiting for? Custom Celebration will give you tons of ideas, tips, and encouragement to tackle that first project.

JoeCustoms is proud to start off your week with Custom Celebration VI – a celebration of customs, customizers and customizing!

Check out the Custom Celebration right here!